African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Service

Foresight Portal

What are the objectives?

Our overall objective is to improve creativity and innovativeness by adapting and using diverse knowledge, skills and tools on foresight to AEAS for improved effectiveness and efficiency.
Our specific objectives are:

  • To create awareness on the use of foresight for AEAS in Africa
  • To support application and use of the different tools and practices on foresight
  • To exchange and capitalize experiences on foresight initiatives and
  • To link and provide visibility to foresight initiatives across countries

What are the topics?

On top of understanding the key concepts and tools generally used in Foresight, the Foresight4AEAS initiative is exploring the application of foresight in AEAS focusing on some key areas. The selected topics for year 2020 are:

  • AEAS and COVID-19
  • AEAS and Climate Change
  • AEAS and ICT or the digitalisation of AEAS
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