African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Service

Foresight Portal

Why the Foresight4AEAS initiative?

Agricultural extension and advisory services is critical in making agriculture sustainable and resilient amidst COVID-19, Climate change and ICT revolutions. In preparing for today and the future, AEAS should focus beyond the horizon to position itself to respond to current and future development needs and challenges through compliant policy and practice for AEAS.

Launch of AFAAS Foresight activities

Our objectives

Our overall objective is to improve creativity and innovativeness by adapting and using diverse knowledge, skills and tools on foresight to AEAS for improved effectiveness and efficiency.
Our specific objectives are:

  • To create awareness on the use foresight for AEAS in Africa
  • To support application and use of the different tools and practices on foresight
  • To exchange and capitalize experiences on foresight initiatives
  • To link and provide visibility to foresight initiatives across countries

For whom is this initiative?

The primary beneficiaries of this initiative are AEAS stakeholders from Africa (policy makers, researchers, managers, extension workers, farmers organisations) but also anyone else with interest in practical foresight for AEAS.

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